The life and contributions of nelson mandela

Nelson Mandela’s Top Five Contributions to Humanity

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Nelson Mandela’s 5 Most Important Contributions to the LGBT Community

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10 Major Accomplishments of Nelson Mandela

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I have covered the ideal of a varying and free society in which all intents live together in harmony and with evidence opportunities. Nelson Mandela Words | 4 Pages. Nelson Mandela The life story of Nelson Mandela has long become a legend, a story that transcends race, borders, culture, or language.

Nelson Mandela Biography, Death, Children, Wife, Family, Height, Facts

He is one of the greatest leaders to ever step foot on this Earth. He was willing to give up his own personal freedoms for the good of his people. To condense all of Mr Nelson Mandela's achievements into one chronology would be impossible; as a result, we do not claim that our work here is comprehensive.

Below you. In this brief article, we’re going to share with you, Nelson Mandela Biography – the life and times of Nelson Mandela, the legacy he left, the events and the people he influenced or was influenced by – all in memory of this great hero.

Early life and work. Nelson Mandela was the son of Chief Henry Mandela of the Madiba clan of the Xhosa-speaking Tembu people. After his father’s death, young Nelson was raised by Jongintaba, the regent of the Tembu.

Watch video · According to the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, the annual event is meant to encourage citizens worldwide to give back the way that Mandela has throughout his lifetime.

A statement on the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory's website reads: "Mr. Mandela gave 67 years of his life fighting for the rights of humanity. Nelson Mandela was a civil rights leader in South Africa. He fought against apartheid, a system where non-white citizens were segregated from whites and did not have equal rights.

He served a good portion of his life in prison for his protests, but became a symbol for his people.

The life and contributions of nelson mandela
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Nelson Mandela Biography, Death, Children, Wife, Family, Height, Facts