How to write a good comment about a person

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How to Write an Awesome Blog Post in 5 Steps

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How to Write a Script Outline: The 8 Major Plot Points

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A good comment can be two lines long or it can be a paragraph long or be equivalent to an article. But good comments have two benefits: (in a good and bad sense both). So, if a person comments then there are chances that he would either agree or disagree to the point.

I found that the best way to write the comment is to use the. You, Your, and Yours 1. Second person pulls the reader into the action. Especially if you write in the present tense, second person allows the reader to experience the story as if it’s their own.

Jun 29,  · For example, when you write, "Good customer service skills," you may be referring to your employee's speed and efficiency, interpersonal skills. Buy essays that perfectly suit your requirements.

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How to write a good comment about a person
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