A defining moment in my ordinary life

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In Celebration Of My Ordinary Life

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I love this time of year!

Remember my weekly blogs that talk in more depth about those little regular and ordinary moments in our lives that make life what it is? The moments that make you smile, and the moments you notice your children grow, achieve and change.

This is some moments from my life that are funny, ordinary, and/or downright outrageous. Along with insights I've learned from over half a century of being on this. An ordinary life doesn’t equate to a meaningless life. And an extraordinary life doesn’t equate to a successful life, even though we’ve been taught that it does.

An accomplished life in the United States is associated with having a lot of money, fame and power. Used in the right way, they could be, but they aren’t necessary in order to leave a mark on the world.

Feb 10,  · A defining moment is any time in your life in which a choice that you make or an incident that happens causes something in your life to change.

It is something that from that moment on defines some aspect of your life.4/5(9). That moment my life and the life of my son improved for the better.

It sounds cruel, but it's one of the best decisions of my life and I couldn't be happier. Toxic relationships are powerful, but you take the power back when you leave for good.

kershawschallenge #TBT to high school in Dallas, Texas.

A Defining Moment

One class period - on an ordinary Monday night - became a defining moment for me. The teacher went around the room and asked students to share their dreams and the people who had been influential in their lives.

A defining moment in my ordinary life
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